Inception’s distribution rights also include digital, non-theatrical and home video

LOS ANGELES, September 27, 2016 — Inception Media Group, LLC, a diversified media company specializing in the acquisition, development and distribution of entertainment content, has signed a multi-year agreement to be the exclusive U.S. television distributor for Albatross World Sales, a Germany-based independent supplier of award-winning documentaries and programs. The agreement also provides Inception with digital, non-theatrical and home video rights for the U.S. market.

The Albatross World Sales catalog provides a variety of unique documentaries and factual programs encompassing genres that include nature and wildlife, science, history, adventure and travel, culture and art and politics and current affairs. Inception has initially selected from the Albatross catalog 14 programs to release in the U.S., which include: “Fidel Castro: Life for the Revolution,” “Goering’s Secret: The Story of Hitler’s Marshall,” “Hitler’s 9/11: The Secret War on America,” “Nazi Kamikaze,” “Marco Polo Reloaded,” “Unusual World,” “Secrets of the North Sea,” “The World’s Greatest Balloon Adventures,” “Baboon Bandits: Monkey Alert in South Africa,” “Beary Tales,” “Chandani: The Daughter of the Elephant Whisperer,” “Christmas Winter Wonderland,” “Greece! The Islands” and “Wild and Awake: Spring Across Europe.” Inception will make additional programs available in the coming months.

“We’re very proud to represent the Albatross brand here in the United States,” said David Borshell, CEO of Inception Media Group, LLC. “Their programming is sought-after by the largest and most prominent networks around the globe and we intend to make this true for the U.S. market.”

Inception’s extensive direct vendor relationships have previously been used for the exploitation of exclusively acquired content. Recent industry developments, triggered by the collapse of one of the country’s largest independent distribution companies and the pending consolidation of another, have left many content suppliers with limited access to the industry’s most lucrative distribution channels. In response to these changes, Inception has invested and reallocated resources to accommodate the growing number of owners and suppliers who now find themselves in need of support.

About Albatross World Sales

Albatross World Sales, based in Leipzig, Germany, is the joint venture of the German production companies Taglicht Media, Marco Polo Film and Berlin Producers. Albatross is an independent international distribution company delivering award-winning and high quality documentaries for television, home entertainment and new media worldwide. The company’s catalog includes a wide range of unique documentaries and factual programs in the genres of nature, science, history, travel, culture and current affairs from providers including France Télévisions, TVE, UKTV, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, KBS, NHK, Radio Canada, SVT, Télé-Québec, TVB, Viasat and CCTV.

About Inception Media Group

Inception Media Group, LLC is based in Los Angeles and is a diversified media company specializing in the acquisition, development and distribution of motion pictures and other filmed entertainment across all media platforms and channels of distribution. Inception Media Group has extensive relationships with exhibitors, retailers, distributors and technology companies, enabling the Company to maximize the services performed on behalf of its content partners. The company boasts a catalog of over 150 filmed entertainment properties and more than 2,500 hours of digital content encompassing feature films, episodic television series, documentaries and special interest programming. Inception Film Partners, LLC, a foreign sales company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Inception Media Group, provides production companies and filmmaker’s worldwide sales and distribution services to theatrical, broadcast, digital, home video and emerging media outlets. More information is available at inceptionmediagroup.com and inceptionfilmpartners.com.

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